Explain the role of village panchayats in the Mughal rural society. - History

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Explain the role of village panchayats in the Mughal rural society.



Villagers and the Panchayat held a significant position in rural society during the 16th and 17th centuries. The control of the rural society depended heavily on these panchayats.

  1. The panchayat was headed by a headman known as muqaddam or mandal. The village panchayat was an assembly of elders, usually important people of the village with hereditary rights over their property.
  2. The Panchayat was responsible for overseeing all aspects of village administration, including law and order, elementary education, health and sanitation, irrigation, construction, and other issues.
  3. The Panchayat's main responsibility was to keep track of the village's income and expenses. The panchayat derived its funds from contributions made by individuals to a common financial pool.
  4. In mediaeval India, the Panchayat's main duty was to regulate rural society. The Panchayat made an effort to ensure that the different communities living in the hamlet followed their caste standards and caste restrictions.
Concept: The Village Community
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