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Explain the Post Box Service Provided by Post Office. State Any Two Advantages to the Organisation Which Uses this Service. - Commerce

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Short Note

Explain the Post Box Service provided by Post Office. State any two advantages to the organisation which uses this service.

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Post Box Service:

A post box is a numbered box which are available on rent at certain major post offices. Every post box is allocated a number and only postal articles bearing that number are placed into that box. Big business houses generally make arrangements with the postal authorities that all incoming parties are asked to use the post box number in their letters. The hirer of the post box may open the post box at any time during the business hours of the post office and collect the mail. It also ensure regular and early delivery of mail. It facilitates the collection of mail at the convenience of the renter.
Two Advantages of Post Box Services:

  • The organisation can hide its identity.
  • It ensures regular and early delivery of mail as per its convenience.
  • It helps in sorting mail if post box is used for a specific purpose.
Concept: Concept of E-business
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