Explain the limitations of epigraphy. - History

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Explain the limitations of epigraphy.



  1. The engraving can occasionally be very faint, making it challenging to read the text.
  2. On rare occasions, the writings may be damaged. We cannot understand the intended meaning of so many words because they are missing or broken.
  3. The true meaning of the inscription is difficult to interpret. Sometimes the things said apply to a particular situation or period.
  4. Numerous inscriptions have been found, numbering in the thousands. Not all of them, though, can be understood or translated.
  5. More inscriptions might have existed and still need to be found or found.
  6. Another fundamental problem is that it's possible that the inscriptions didn't address contemporary political and economic issues. For instance, the inscriptions do not mention agriculture or the pleasures or hardships of daily life. They only discuss noteworthy and extraordinary events.
  7. The writings reflect the views of those who ordered them. We must carefully examine each inscription to find the ultimate truth.
Concept: The Limitations of Inscriptional Evidence
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