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Explain the growth of the computer networking. - Computer Applications

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Long Answer

Explain the growth of the computer networking.

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Now a days computer network technology was developing in very interesting ways. Some keys developed that have occurred over past several years included.

  1. Growth on popularity of cloud storage and cloud computing. On behalf of buying physical copies of games, music and movies, increasingly downloading (or streaming) and buy digital licenses their need via Internet.
  2. Developments on mobile network infrastructure both deployments of 4G and 3G networks (older) that have allowed the people in their developed areas who can allow it to their smart mobile phones as video broadcasting system and as mobile television. Some of the people underlying and staying connected all the times, whenever they at the workplace, via a home network, via public WiFi hotspots or smart phones.
  3. Difficulties faced by the service providers (include Google)in expanding their residential fiber optic cables Internet service due to increased competition and installation cost from other broadband providers.
  4. Even though 4G LTE mobile network was not reached by many parts of world, the industry of telecommunication has been hard working on the development of their next-generation “5G” cellular communication Technology.
  5. This 5G intense to boost up the speed the mobile connections dramatically. Exactly how much customers was in need of this 5G connection and to go.
  6. When 4G was initially being developed, companies are not waited and they do not feel shy to advertisement about the 5G efforts.
  7. It might be tested on the laboratory on by prototype versions of some elements then it may be standard 5G consumers were also interested on the promise of signal coverage with 5G.,

    Generation of Mobile Networks
  8. Artificial intelligence will help to maintain, manage, and protect it. Now the networks were monitored by an algorithm that enables for anomalous build-ups of traffic and activity which may be the result of nasty activities such as (DDos) Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks and attempted hacks.
  9. This Artificial Network powering algorithms will become most intelligent; it might find faster and reliable methods of anticipating threats and cleaning networks.
  10. Artificial intelligence able to be better predict traffic as it collects and analyzes data in real-time, some of the network managers were better prepared for big events such as the World cup, Olympics, Valentine’s Day, which often put on the Internet under pressure.
Concept: History of Computer Networking and the Internet
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