Explain the following term/concept. Organizing and What is organizing? - Organisation of Commerce and Management


Explain the following term/concept.


Answer the following.

What is organizing?



Organizing is the process of identifying, bringing the required resources together such as men, money, material, machine and method, grouping, and arranging them properly for achieving the objectives. In planning, the management decides what is to be done in the future whereas the organizing function decides the ways and means to achieve what has been planned. This function is important for the execution of the plans which have been prepared by top-level management people.
The synchronization and combination of the workforce, physical, financial, and information resources are established in the process of organizing.

Concept: Functions of Management
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Chapter 2: Functions of Management - Exercise [Page 34]



Organising and Directing.

Find the odd one.

Find the odd one.

Correct the underlined word and rewrite the following sentence.

Factors of business environment are always fixed.

Arrange in proper order.

Controlling, Organizing, Planning.

Arrange in proper order.

Directing, Co-ordinating, Staffing.

Explain the following term/concept.


Study the following case/situation and express your opinion.

Mr. Ram, an emerging entrepreneur has designed a structure of his business organization by taking into consideration the required resources such as land, money, machinery, workforce, etc, for his new business. He appointed Mr.Shyam as a manager. Mr. Ram has assigned responsibilities such as recruitment, selection, training, and development and to determine the remuneration of the employees to Mr. Shyam. Mr. Ram has also appointed Mr. Shubham to supervise the work done by the employees according to the standards given to the employees.
Mr. Shubham has to also suggest the remedies to the employees wherever necessary.
On this context, find out the management functions performed by
  1. Mr. Ram
  2. Mr. Shyam
  3. Mr. Shubham

Explain any five points of importance of organizing.

Justify the following statement.

Organizing facilitates administration as well as the operation of the Organization.

The tasks of getting the things done by others is known as _____________

Write a word or phrase or a term which can substitute the following:

Process of identifying and bringing the required resources together such as men, money, machine, and method.

Study the following case/situation and express your opinion:

Meena a home science graduate has recently done a cookery course. She wished to start her own venture with a goal to provide 'healthy food' at reasonable price. She discussed her idea with her teacher (mentor) who encouraged her. After analysing various options for starting her business venture, they shortlisted the option to sell readymade and 'ready to make' vegetable shakes and milk shakes. Then they both weighed the pros and cons of both the shortlisted options.
  1. Name the function of management being discussed above and give any one of its characteristics.
  2. Also briefly discuss any two limitations the function discussed in the case.


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