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Explain the following statements with reason. There were three wars fought between the British and Myanmar. - History

Short Note

Explain the following statement with reason.

There were three wars fought between the British and Myanmar.

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  1. Myanmar is a Southeast Asian country. In 1599 the Portuguese defeated the king of one of the kingdoms in Myanmar.
  2.  However, in 1611 various dynasties ruling in Myanmar got together, defeated the Portuguese, and amalgamated their kingdoms.
  3. United Myanmar adopted an expansionist policy and conquered Manipur and Assam.
  4.  It means that the British Indian territory was under threat of being invaded, a situation that caused three wars between the British and Myanmar is known as the Anglo-Burmese war.
  5. The first war in 1826 was won by the British and they took over Assam and Manipur and Arakan.
  6. British also defeated Myanmar in the second war. At about the same time the French had taken over the regions of 'Upper Burma'.
  7. In the third war the British won this region too, thereby ruling over entire Myanmar. In this way during three Anglo-Burmese war British annexed entire Myanmar.
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Balbharati History 12th Standard HSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 9 World : Decolonisation
Exercise Q.4 | Q 1 | Page 76
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