Maharashtra State BoardHSC Arts 11th
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Explain the following concepts. Psychology - Psychology

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Short Note

Explain the following concepts.


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Behaviour includes anything that a person or animal does, that can be observed, recorded and studied. It is an organism's response to the stimuli present in the environment. This is represented as the S-0-R model of behaviour, where 'S' stands for stimulus, 'O' stands for organism and 'R' stands for Response of the organism.

Stimulus refers to any physical event or condition that gives rise to a reaction or activity of a sense organ. It can be external (e.g., sound waves stimulates the ear) or internal (e.g., stimuli for hunger). Organism refers to the human being or animal.

Response refers to the reaction of the organism to a stimulus. Which involves the activity of muscles and glands.

Behaviour includes overt activities (bodily movements like walking, dancing, singing, etc., which can be observed directly) and covert activities (mental processes like thinking, feelings, forgetting, etc.).

Concept: History of Psychology as a Science - Study of Behaviour
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Balbharati Psychology 11th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 1 Story of Psychology
Exercise | Q 2.2 | Page 10
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