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Explain the concept of private sector and public sector? - Business Studies

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Explain the concept of private sector and public sector?

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Private sector:It refers to that part of an economy which is owned and managed by individuals or companies with the sole motive of earning profits. In other words, it encompasses all organisations that are not owned or operated directly by the government. In most of the free economies (where the government has a minimal role), the private sector employs a significant portion of the workforce. The private sector consists of the following types of organisations.

• Sole proprietorship
• Partnership
• Joint Hindu Family
• Cooperative societies
• Company

Public sector: This sector consists of organisations that are directly owned and operated by the government. These organisations are either partly or completely owned by the central or a state government—Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd, Oil India Ltd and Life Insurance Corporation of India are examples of public sector industries.

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NCERT Ncert Class 11 Business Studies
Chapter 3 Private, Public and Global Enterprises
Short Answer Questions | Q 1 | Page 79
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