Explain the Concept of Fundamentalism. Examine the Role of State in Dealing with this Problem. - Sociology

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Explain the concept of fundamentalism. Examine the role of state in dealing with this problem.



Fundamentalism is an ideology that is not supportive of progressive thinking. Individuals or groups belonging to this ideology believe in the absolute authority of a sacred text, teachings of a particular religious leader god or prophet. Fundamentalist groups will oppose anything that challenges their religious ideas. The state on its part can play the following roles to control and contain the growth of Fundamentalism.

Spread awareness: The mass media can be used to spread awareness amongst the masses about the issues of fundamentalistic thoughts and how they can cause harm to the general well-being of the society.

Vigilance: The state needs to be highly observant, cautions and vigilant and closely monitor the activities of organizations and groups who can use fundamentalism to spread terrorism.

Educational Curriculum: Textbooks need to be monitored to check so that the future citizens of the nation are not being taught any such ideologies which can trigger fundamentalistic issues in the future.

Secularism: Citizens should be made aware of the secular nature of the state and be encouraged to use a secular approach of life for the betterment of the nation as a whole.

Ban on Fundamentalist groups: The government should ban such groups that have a tendency to spread fundamentalistic ideas into the society to brew trouble and cause disharmony within the masses and larger society. 

Concept: Communalism, Fundamentalism and Secularism in a Plural Society
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