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Explain the characteristics of an algorithm. - Computer Science

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Answer in Brief

Explain the characteristics of an algorithm.

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  1. Input – Zero or more quantities to be supplied.
  2. Output – At least one quantity is produced.
  3. Finiteness – Algorithms must terminate after a finite number of steps.
  4. Definiteness – All operations should be well defined. For example, operations involving division by zero or taking square root for negative numbers are unacceptable.
  5. Effectiveness – Every instruction must be carried out effectively.
  6. Correctness – The algorithms should be error-free.
  7. Simplicity – Easy to implement.
  8. Unambiguous – The algorithm should be clear and unambiguous. Each of its steps and its inputs/outputs should be clear and must lead to only one meaning.
  9. Feasibility – This should be feasible with the available resources.
  10. Portable – An algorithm should be generic, independent of any programming language or an operating system able to handle all range of inputs.
  11. Independent – An algorithm should have step-by-step directions, which should be independent of any programming code.
Concept: Introduction to Algorithmic Strategies
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Chapter 4: Algorithmic Strategies - Evaluation [Page 45]


Tamil Nadu Board Samacheer Kalvi Class 12th Computer Science Answers Guide
Chapter 4 Algorithmic Strategies
Evaluation | Q 1. | Page 45

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