Maharashtra State BoardHSC Arts 12th Board Exam
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Explain the ALGEE Model in your own words. - Psychology

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Short Note

Explain the ALGEE Model in your own words.

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ALGEE is an action plan to carry out First Aid in Mental Health.
(a) Approach, Assess and Assist in any crisis - An attempt is made to understand the situation and observe if there are behavioural changes in the person whom we are concerned about.
(b) Listen non-judgmentally - We should listen to the other person without letting our opinions influence us. We should not judge/ criticise but listen with acceptance and empathy. It does not imply that we agree with what the other person is saying but it ensures that the person feels supported.
(c) Give support and information - This helps the person to feel more in control of the situation since they have emotional and informational support.
(d) Encourage the person to get professional help - Persons suffering from mental illness may hesitate to seek help due to lack of knowledge or due to stigma attached. Others may not know how to respond to someone showing 'red flags' of mental illness and may do more harm than good. Mental health professionals are trained to help the person to identify the problem and cope with the situation.
(e) Encourage self-help and other support strategies - Self-help strategies are tasks that help to increase our resources to deal with stress and to maintain mental health such as exercise, adequ~te sleep, having hobbies, etc.

Concept: The ALGEE - Action Plan
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