Explain the administrative structure of Mauryan empire. - History

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Explain the administrative structure of Mauryan empire. 



The following describes the Maurya Empire's administrative structure:

  1. The Mauryan government had a very centralised structure. The Emperor held absolute power and was at the head of all power.
  2. He received help from a Council of Ministers. It had the moniker "Mantriparishad." The ministers were referred to as "mantris". A "mantriparishad-adhyakshya," or contemporary prime minister, presided over the council.
  3. Numerous adhyakshyas for trade, warehouses, gold, ships, agriculture, cows, horses, cities, chariots, mint, soldiers, etc. were mentioned in the Arthashastra.
  4. Sales tax collection, foreigners, industries, trade, manufacturing, and the registration of births and deaths fell under the purview of the administration.
Concept: An Early Empire
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