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Explain the Terms Corrosion - Science

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 Explain the terms Corrosion

Explain the term "corrosion" with an example.

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Solution 1

Corrosion is defined as a process where materials, usually metals, deteriorate as a result of a chemical reaction with air, moisture, chemicals, etc.
For example, iron, in the presence of moisture, reacts with oxygen to form hydrated iron oxide.
4Fe + 3O2 + nH2O → 2Fe2O3.nH2O

Solution 2

Corrosion is a process where a refined metal is oxidised by the atmospheric oxygen to form a more stable compound such as oxides. The metal gradually degrades during the corrosion process. Rusting of iron is an good example of corrosion where the iron is converted to Iron oxide. Millions of dollars are spent annually to in preventing rusting from bridges and other monuments.

Solution 3

Corrosion is the process by which a metal corrodes when it comes in contact with its surroundings such as moisture, air and acids, for example, powdered (brown) coating on iron objects such as iron railings.

Concept: Corrosion of Metals and Its Prevention
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