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Explain the Term 'Isomers'. Give One Example of Isomers. - Science

 Explain the term 'isomers'. Give one example of isomers.

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 Isomers: Isomers are compounds with the same molecular formula but different arrangements of carbon atoms in them. The existence of two or more organic compounds with the same molecular formula but different arrangement of carbon atoms is called isomerism. Isomerism can only exist in hydrocarbons comprising 4 or more carbon atoms.
An example of an isomer is the compound Butane (C4H10)​. As the number of carbon atoms are four, two isomers of butane are possible, and they are n-butane (normal butane with a straight chain arrangement) and iso-butane (three carbon atoms put in a straight chain, and the fourth carbon atom is joined in the side chain to form a different structure).
The structural formula for the isomers of butane are as follows:

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Lakhmir Singh Class 10 Chemistry (Science)
Chapter 4 Carbon And Its Compounds
Q 38.1 | Page 222
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