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Explain the Statement with Reason.Historical Research Was Driven to Focus in Depth on Various Aspects of Women’S Life. - History and Political Science

Explain the statement with reason.

Historical research was driven to focus in depth on various aspects of women’s life.

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Points: - In the beginning, historiography was dominated by male point of view.
- French scholar Simone de Beauvior, helped in establishing the fundamentals of feminism.
- Feminist historiography emphasised not only on inclusion of women in history but also on rethinking of male dominated perspective.
- It drove historical research to focus in depth on various aspects ofwomen’s life such as their employment, their role in trade union; institutions working for their cause, their family life etc.
- In historical writings after 1990, women were portrayed as an independent social class.

Concept: Indian Historiography : Various Ideological Frameworks - Feminist History
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