Explain Some of the Modifications of Leaves Found in Plants. - Biology

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Explain some of the modifications of leaves found in plants. 

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Sometimes, the complete leaf or a part of the leaf is modified to perform a special function.
Some of these modifications include: 
1. Leaf tendril:
In the case of certain weak stemmed plants, leaves or leaflets are modified into wiry, coiled structures called tendrils. They are sensitive to touch. As they touch any object, they coil around it and support the plant to climb up. Eg., Sweet pea (upper leaflets are modified into tendrils).
2. Spines: Leaves are modified into spines to reduce water loss, like cactus. In prickly poppy, leaves bear spines on the margin.
3. Scale leaves: In some plants, like onion and ginger, thin and dry or thick and fleshy scale leaves are present. Their function is to protect buds. 

Concept: Concept for Modifications (Tendrils, Spines, Scale Leaves)
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Selina Concise Biology Class 6 ICSE
Chapter 1 The Leaf
Review Questions | Q 17
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