Maharashtra State BoardHSC Arts 12th Board Exam
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Explain some of the characteristics of a rational individual. - Psychology

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Short Note

Explain some of the characteristics of a rational individual.

Write short notes on the following:

Any three characteristics of rational individual

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  1. Understanding self-interest and social interest: Rational people understand what helps them to grow and promote themselves. They take the responsibility of making choices that enable them to grow. Additionally, rational people take care of not violating other person’s rights while achieving their own interests. They consider the interests of the society in which they live along with their self-interests.
  2. Self-direction: Rational people assume primary responsibility for their own lives. They do not demand or need excessive support or nurturance from others.
  3. Tolerance: Rational people are highly tolerant, i.e. they respect individual differences between people. They also accept one’s own and others’ right to be wrong, i.e. they accept the fact that human beings can make mistakes.
  4. Flexibility: Rational people are found to be healthy individuals. Rational people tend to be flexible, unbiased in their thoughts and actions.
  5. Self-acceptance and self-responsibility: Rational people accept themselves unconditionally with all their strengths and flaws. They also accept responsibility for their own thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and behaviour.
Concept: Importance of Rationality
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