Explain in Short Star Topology - Computer Science 2

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Explain in short Star Topology

Explain Star Topologies with simple diagrams

Explain STAR topology with diagram. also give two advantages and disadvantages.

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STAR Topology:
(1) In a STAR topology, all the workstations are connected to a central hub.
(2) The hub receives a signal from a workstation and routes it to the proper destination.
(3) STAR physical topology is often implemented to implement BUS or RING logical topology.
(4) A STAR topology is shown in the following figure:

(1) Adding a new workstation is easier than that in BUS or RING topology.
(2) The control is centralised due to use of a hub

(1) Hub failure affects all users.
(2) Hubs are slightly expensive.
(3) STAR topology requires more cabling than BUS or RING topology. Hence, it costs more.

Concept: Networking Technology
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