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Explain in Short Ring Topology. - Computer Science 2

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 Explain in short Ring Topology.

Explain Ring Topologies with a simple diagrams

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RING Topology:
(1) RING topologies are wired in a circle. Each node is connected to its neighbours on either side, and the data transmit along the ring in one direction only.
(2) Each device incorporates a receiver and a transmitter and serves as a repeater that passes the signal to the next device in the ring.
(3) The RING topology is as shown in the following figure:

(4) RING topologies are suited for networks that use token passing access methods. The token passes around the ring, and the only node that holds the token can transmit data.
(5) This topology is always implemented as a logical topology. e.g. In a token ring network, the topology is physically a STAR topology. But logical topology is RING topology.
(6) The commonly used implementation for RING topology is a token ring at 4-16 MBPS.

(1) Cable failure affects limited users.
(2) Each node has equal access speed to the ring.
(3) Equal access for all users.
(1) Costly wiring is required for a RING topology.
(2) Expensive adapter cards.
(3) Difficult connections

Concept: Networking Technology
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