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Explain the Role of Microbes in Sewage Treatment. - Biology

Explain the role of microbes in sewage treatment.

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Microbes play a significant role during secondary and tertiary sewage treatment.

  • During secondary treatment, primary effluent is continuously agitated in a large tank due to which vigorous growth of useful aerobic microbes into flocs takes place. These microbes consume major part of the organic matter in the effluent as they grow. Due to this, BOD of the effluent is significantly reduced.
  • During tertiary treatment, bacterial flocs are allowed to sediment. Small part of it is passed back into the aeration tank and a large part is pumped into large tanks called anaerobic sludge digesters. These anaerobic bacteria digest the bacteria and fungi in sludge.
  • Thus, use of microbes in sewage treatment helps to remove organic matter from waste water before it is discharged in water bodies like rivers.


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