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Explain the Rights and Responsibilities of Consumer? - Business Studies

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Explain the rights and responsibilities of consumer?

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The Consumer Protection Act enlists six rights for a consumer. They are:-

1. Right to Safety :- this act emphasis mainly on quality of the products that needs to be bought by the consumer which safeguards the consumer against the goods and services that are hazardous to his/her life, health and property.

2. Right to be Informed :- here the consumer has the right to know about the detailed description of his products such as manufacturing date, quantity, price, ingredients, weight, etc., of goods and services.

3. Right to Choose :- Right to Choose gives the consumer a choice to choose from a variety of goods and services available at different prices from which a consumer can buy the most suitable one.

4. Right to be Heard :- In case of any complaints or dissatisfaction regarding a product needs to be dealt by a business firm. A consumer has the right to file a complaint and a complaint receiving cell needs to be established.

5. Right to Seek Redressal :- Here a consumer has the right to seek compensation in case of any exploitation such as defect in the product or deuteriation in the quality of the product.

6. Right to Consumer Education :- A consumer has the right to be educated regarding his rights of the product and available remedies in case of exploitation.

The responsibilities of consumers are as follows:-

1. To be aware :- consumer should be we aware of their rights while buying a product.

2. To be active :- consumer should be careful while purchasing a product for its quality and certification.

3. To protect environment :- consumer should be careful with buying the products regarding its environmental safety and should involve in its safe disposal methods without harming the environment.

4. To read labels :- Consumer should buy standardized goods by seeing the label on a product with respect to their information regarding its price, weight, manufacturing and expiry date.

5. To ensure honest transactions :- Consumer should buy the product in a legal way and avoid illegal ways such as black marketing and ask cash memo on purchase.

6. To ensure safety :- A consumer should carefully read the instructions provided by the business firm on the product as to ensure safety of it before use

Concept: Consumer Rights and Responsibilities
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NCERT Class 12 Business Studies Part 2 - Business Finance and Marketing
Chapter 4 Consumer Protection
Long Answer | Q 2 | Page 360
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