Maharashtra State BoardHSC Science (Electronics) 11th
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Explain rate of reaction. - Chemistry

Short Note

Explain rate of reaction.

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  1. The rate of a chemical reaction can be determined by measuring the extent to which the concentration of a reactant decreases in the given time interval or extent to which the concentration of a product increases in the given time interval.
  2. Mathematically, the rate of reaction is expressed as:
    Rate = `- ("d"["Reactant"])/"dT" = ("d"["Product"])/"dT"`
    where, d[reactant] and d[product] are the small decrease or increase in concentration during the small time interval dT.
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Balbharati Chemistry 11th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 12 Chemical Equilibrium
Exercises | Q 3. (D)(b) | Page 189
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