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Explain Proxemics. - Communication Skills

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proxemics is the study of human use of space and the effects thats population density has on behaviour, communication and social interaction. It is a component of interpersonal communication that is strong influenced by culture and behaviour norms. In a professionals setting, space is used to signal power and status. For instance, the head of the organisation has a seprate cabin and a larger office than the junior employees.
Classification of space
Space can be divided into four distinct zones.

1. Intimate
This zone start with personal touch and extended, upto 18inch (one and half feet). Member of the family, lovers, spouse, parents and relatives fall in this zone. A hand shake, a pat on the back, or a hug can come into this zone.
2. Personal

This zone stretches from 18 inches to 4 feet. Close friends, colleagues, peers etc. Fall in this zone. This zone permits spontaneous and informal communication. Sitting or standing close to the listners gives the impression of friendliness and warmth.

3. Social
The most relevant circles for abussiness organization is the next circle between four to twelve feet. This is the social space, where most of the organisational communication takes place. Communication become more formal in this space. People are cautious in thier movement. Professional talks, instruction business negottion, meeting etc, are all part of this zone.

4. Public
The public space is the outer most zone which is 12feet and beyond. The communicator interact with a large group of people through the public address system. Events that take place in this zone are formal and the advance is an impartial observer. The communicator has to use his paralinguistic skills as the audience is beyound proper visible distance. Feedback is more of a group phenomenon rathere than an individual one. Public figure addressing the audience, is an example of public zone.

Concept: Barriers to Communication
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