Explain the Process of Replication of a Retrovirus After It Gains Entry into the Human Body. - Biology


Explain the process of replication of a retrovirus after it gains entry into the human body.



HIV is a retrovirus which has RNA genomes and it replicates via DNA copies. On infection, the virus enters the macrophages where viral RNA genome is converted to viral DNA copy with the help of an enzyme reverse transcriptase. This viral DNA copy of HIV is inserted into human chromosomes and replicates with the cell DNA

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2013-2014 (March) All India Set 3


Name the group of genes that have been identified in normal cells that could lead to cancer. How do these genes cause cancer?

What is the mechanism by which the AIDS virus causes deficiency of immune system of the infected person?

Sketch and Label the 'Structure of HIV'.

‘HAART’ is suggested for the treatment of __________

(A) malaria

(B) cancer


(D) high chloesterol level

What precaution(s) would you recommend to a patient requiring repeated blood transfusion? 

If the advise is not followed by the patient, there is an apprehension that the patient might contract a disease that would destroy the immune system of his/her body. Explain with the help of schematic diagram only how the immune system would get affected and destroyed.

Expand the STD

Write the complete name of the diagnostic test for AIDS.

Write the full form of the following as it occur in biology :

Write a note on HIV.

Expand the following abbreviation HIV.

Mention the causative agent and the preventive measures for the following: Gonorrhoea

Name the causative agent and give anyone a symptom of Gonorrhoea.

Short answer question.

Give the name of causal organism of syphilis and write on its symptoms.

What does the abbreviation AIDS stand for?

Match the following

Column I Column II
a. AIDS i. Antibody production
b. Lysozyme ii. Activation of B-cells
c. B-cells iii. Immunoglobulin
d. T-helper cells iv. Tears
e. Antibody v. Immunodeficiency

Write a short note on AIDS.

The organism which causes Gonorrhoea is ______.

AIDS is caused by ______.

When the ELISA test was conducted on an immune-suppressed person, he tested positive for a pathogen.

  1. Identify the disease the patient is suffering from.
  2. Name the causative entity. 
  3. Mention the cells of the body that are attacked by the pathogen.

Give the preventive measures of AIDS

Explain the clinical manifestation of AIDS.

Expand the following.


AIDS is an epidemic disease.

AIDS is not transmitted by contact with a patient’s clothes.



Communicable: AIDS: Non communicable: ______.

What are the various routes by which transmission of human immunodeficiency virus takes place?

Higher Order Thinking Skill (HOT)

A leading weekly magazine has recently published a survey analysis which says that number of AIDS patient in the country is increasing day by day. The report says that the awareness among the people about AIDS is still very poor. You are discussing the magazine report in your class and a team of your class decides to help people to fight against the dreadful disease.

  1. What problem you face when trying to educate the people in your village near by your school?
  2. How do you overcome the problem?

Value based question

How can informational efforts change people’s HIV knowledge and behaviour?

Which of the following is correct regarding HIV, hepatitis B, gonorrhoea and trichomoniasis?

Which one of the following groups includes sexually transmitted diseases caused by bacteria only?

Identify the correct statements from the following.

Describe the major STDs and their symptoms.

How are STDs transmitted?

Write the preventive measures of STDs.

Identify the correct set of antiretroviral drugs for AIDS.

What is the causative agent of syphilis?

AIDS is ______.

The causative agent of malaria is a ______

Which pathogen causes gonorrhoea?

All of the following are modes of transmission of HIV, EXCEPT ______.

Gonorrhoea is generally treated using ______.

From the sexually transmitted diseases mentioned below, identify the one which does not specifically affect the sex organs ______.

Which one of the following groups includes sexually transmitted diseases caused by bacteria only?

Which of the following STDs are not completely curable?

The sexually transmitted disease, that can affect both the male and the female genitals and may damage the eyes of babies born of infected mothers is ______.

Which one is not a sexually transmitted disease?

Disease or infections which are transmitted through sexual intercourse are collectively called ______.

Which of the following diseases is not sexually transmitted? 

AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease caused due to an infection by a ______ 

What are the benefits of using mechanical barriers during sexual act?

Describe sexually transmitted diseases and mention the ways to prevent them.

Which of the following is not a sexually transmitted disease?

A Certain patient is suspected to be suffering from acquired immune deficiency syndrome which diagnostic technique will you recommend for its detection?

Both sickle cells anaemia and Huntington chorea are:

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) was first isolated by ______.

Hepatitis A causes cirrhosis of the liver.

Some human diseases are transmitted only when the blood of a patient comes in close contact with the blood of a healthy person. In one such disease, there is a progressive decrease in the WBC of the patient.

  1. Name the disease and its causative agent.
  2. Name the type of WBC affected during infection.
  3. How does the blood of a patient come in contact with the blood of a healthy patient?
  4. Suggest three methods that help in preventing such infection.

Which of the following sexually transmitted diseases is NOT completely curable?

Which of the following will not be useful as a prevention in acquiring STDs?

Veneral diseases can spread through:

  1. Using sterile needles
  2. Transfusion of blood from an infected person
  3. Infected mother to foetus
  4. Kissing
  5. Inheritance

Choose the correct answer from the options given below.

STDs can be considered as self-invited diseases. Comment.

STDs are a threat to reproductive health. Describe any two such diseases and suggest preventive measures.

Name the type of genetic material present in AIDS causing pathogen.

Give two examples of sexually transmitted diseases.

The following pairs represent diseases with their respective diagnostic tests.

Choose the pair that is correctly matched.

Given below are some sexually transmitted infections. Identify the number of diseases that are caused by bacteria.

Syphilis, Chlamydiasis, Trichomoniasis, HIV, Hepatitis-B, Genital herpes, genital warts, Gonorthoea.

Which one of the following group include sexually transmitted disease?

With the help of a flow chart, illustrate how an infected animal cell can survive while viruses are being replicated or released.

Chancre are the primary lesions caused by______.

Expand the following abbreviation:


Expand the following abbreviation:



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