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Explain the Objectives of Mixed Cropping. How Are Crops Selected for Mixed Cropping. - Science

Short Note

Explain the objectives of mixed cropping. How are crops selected for mixed cropping.

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Objective of mixed cropping:
The main objective of mixed cropping is to reduce the risk of crop failure during environmental stresses.
Following criteria are used while selecting a crop for mixed farming:
(i) Crops that are to be grown together are selected such that the waste materials and products of one crop facilitates the growth of the other crop.
(ii) Crops that are selected must not compete with each other in terms of nutrition. This will ensure an optimum production of both the crops.

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P S Verma and V K Agarwal Class 9 Biology - Science Part 3
Chapter 1 Improvements In Food Resources
Short Question Answer ( Carrying 3 Marks) | Q 4 | Page 64
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