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Explain Non-verbal Communication . - Communication Skills

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Answer in Brief

Explain non-verbal communication .

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nonverbal communication is a process of sending and receiving message without using word either spoken or return it include the behaviours and elements of speech aside from the words themselves that transition meaning nonverbal communication include page speed tone volume modulation gestures facial expression posture proximity to the listeners I contact appear and attire and grooming. research suggest that approximately 7% effect is produced by the speak on world 38% throw paralanguage and 55% through body language. nonverbal messages and was have been recognised as a critical aspects of no communication. Bradley 7 dimensions of nonverbal communication has been categorised.
1. Kinesics( body movement: gesture, facial expression)
2. Vocalics( paralanguage: rate, pitch, tone, modulation)
3. Personal appearance( attire, grooming ,style)
4. Our physical environment (and the object within)
5. Proxemics or personal space
6. Haptic or touch
7. Chronemics or our response to time.
Sign, signal, logos, supplant words, numbers and punctuation mark. Nonverbal communication can be used to emphasize, repeat, substitute, contradict, complement and rainforce verbal communication.

Concept: Methods of Communication
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