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Explain the Mechanism of Stomata? - Biology

Answer in Brief
Explain the mechanism of stomata?
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Mechanism of stomata: Stomata are small pores present on the leaves which contains two kidney-shaped guard cells. The opening and closing of stomata depends upon the changes in the turgidity of their guard cells. Due to absorption of water the guard cells become turgid.Their inner walls are pulled apart by their outer wall.The gap between the guard cells become wider and stomata open.When guard cells are flaccid due to loss of water, the outer walls are not stretched, their inner walls are not pulled apart decreasing the gap between the guard cells and stomata close.

Concept: Kinds of Transpiration - Mechanism of Stomatal Transpiration
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Frank ICSE Class 10 Biology
Chapter 5 Transpiration
Exercise | Q 2 | Page 61
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