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Explain the Mechanism of Cleansing Action of Soaps. - Chemistry

Explain the mechanism of cleansing action of soaps.

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Mechanism of cleansing actum of soaps

Soap and detergents have two parts, a long chain, of hydrocarbon tail soluble in oil and other part (head) soluble in water

(1) When soap is added to an oily part of cloth as vessel, the hydrocarbon part of soap dissolves in oil and ionic end of soap dissolves in water.

(2) The soap molecules form micelles where one of the molecules is towards the oil droplet, while ionic end faces outside.

(3) This results in an emulsion in water.

(4) The soap micelle assist in dissolving the dirt in water. Thus we can wash our clothes.

Concept: Cleansing Agents - Soaps
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