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Explain in Your Own Words and Give One Example. Electrostatic Force - General Science

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Explain in your own words and give one example.

Electrostatic force



Electrostatic force is the force that exists either between the two charged bodies or between a charged and an uncharged body. For example, the charged scale attracts the pieces of paper by a non-contact force known as electrostatic force.

Concept: Types of Force: Contact Force
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Chapter 10: Force and Types of Force - Exercises [Page 75]


Balbharati General Science 6th Standard Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 10 Force and Types of Force
Exercises | Q 4.4 | Page 75


An archer stretches her bow while taking aim at the target. She then releases the arrow, which begins to move towards the target. Based on this information fill up the gaps in the following statements using the following terms.

muscular, contact, non-contact, gravity, friction, shape, attraction

The type of force responsible for a change in the state of motion of the arrow is an example of a _______ force.

A blacksmith hammers a hot piece of iron while making a tool. How does the force due to hammering affect the piece of iron?

An inflated balloon was pressed against a wall after it has been rubbed with a piece of synthetic cloth. It was found that the balloon sticks to the wall. What force might be responsible for the attraction between the balloon and the wall?

Name the forces acting on a plastic bucket containing water held above ground level in your hand. Discuss why the forces acting on the bucket do not bring a change in its state of motion.

A rocket has been fired upwards to launch a satellite in its orbit. Name the two forces acting on the rocket immediately after leaving the launching pad.

Match the following:

Group ‘A’ Group ‘B’
(i) An ox pulling a cart (a) Magnetic force
(ii) Lifting a heavy iron object with a crane (b) Electrostatic force
(iii) Weighing with a spring balance (c) Muscular force
(iv) Applying brakes to a bicycle (d) Gravitational force
(v) Picking up pieces of paper with a plastic scale (e) Frictional force

One or more forces are acting in the following example. Name them.

An object falling from a tall building __________

Explain in your own words and give one example.

Muscular force

Explain in your own words and give one example.

gravitational force

Explain in your own words and give one example.

Magnetic force

Why machines are oiled from time to time?

Why powder is sprinkled on a carrom board?

In what way are we different the force of friction and gravitational force?

Write an answer to the following question in your own words.

What are the things that can be done by applying force?

Write an answer to the following question in your own words.

Which machines run on muscular force?

Force executed by touching the body is called non–contact force.

Gravity pushes the ripen coconut from the tree to the ground.

What is the contact force?

List out the types of forces on the basis of contact.

There are three solids made up of aluminium, steel and wood, of the same shape and same volume. Which of them would have the highest inertia?

Velocity versus time graph of a ball of mass 50 g rolling on a concrete floor is shown in Fig. 9.1. Calculate the acceleration and frictional force of the floor on the ball.

Which one of the following forces is a contact force?

Where do we apply a force while walking?

An archer shoots an arrow in the air horizontally. However, after moving some distance, the arrow falls to the ground. Name the initial force that sets the arrow in motion. Explain why the arrow ultimately falls down.

Two rods of the same weight and equal length have different thickness. They are held vertically on the surface of sand as shown in figure. Which one of them will sink more? Why?


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