Explain in detail the following values of Good Governance. (a) participation (b) transparency (c) responsiveness (d) accountability - Political Science

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Long Answer

Explain in detail the following values of Good Governance.

  1. participation
  2. transparency
  3. responsiveness
  4. accountability
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  1. Participation: It is one of the most essential aspects of good governance. Effective functioning of any democratic system requires people’s participation. It ensures that voices and choices of people are heard. People get an opportunity to participate in the process of decision making and its implementation.
  2. Transparency: The culture of secrecy has been challenged by the value of transparency. This enables the people to keep the government under public scrutiny. In India since 2005 the Right to Information Act has been giving the citizens the right to seek information related to the functioning of the government.
  3. Responsiveness: Good governance requires that institutions and processes try to serve all stakeholders within a reasonable timeframe. The government is prompt in taking decisions and specially pays heed to the problems and designs the policies accordingly.
  4. Accountability: Accountability is a key requirement of good governance. Not only governmental institutions but also the private sector and civil society organisations must be accountable to the public and to their institutional stakeholders. Who is accountable to whom depends on whether decisions or actions taken are internal or external to an organisation or institution. In general an organisation or an institution is accountable to those who will be affected by its decisions or actions. Accountability cannot be enforced without transparency and the rule of law.
Concept: Values of Good Governance
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Chapter 5: Contemporary India: Good Governance - Exercise Q.6 [Page 58]


Balbharati Political Science 12th Standard HSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 5 Contemporary India: Good Governance
Exercise Q.6 | Q 1 | Page 58

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