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Explain in Brief the Experimental Proof Which Led to the Discovery of – Neutrons - Chemistry

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Explain in brief the experimental proof which led to the discovery of –


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Discovery of Neutrons: As atom contains protons and electrons. The atomic mass of the electron is negligible.
∴ An atom of helium which contains 2 protons should have a mass = (2 × 1) + 0 = 2 a.m.u. But the atomic mass of a helium atom was found to be approximately 4.0 a.m.u. It was, therefore, proved that, in the nucleus of an atom, there is another particle called a neutron which has no electrical charge but is almost of an equal mass as the protons.

Concept: Sub-atomic Particles of Atom - Neutrons (N)
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Viraf J. Dalal Class 9 Simplified ICSE Chemistry
Chapter 4 Atomic Structure & Chemical Bonding
Additional Questions | Q 2.4
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