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Explain the Important Aspects of Resonance with Reference to the Co Ion. - Chemistry

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Explain the important aspects of resonance with reference to the `CO_3^(2-)` ion.

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Solution 1

Resonance in `CO_3^(2-)`, I, II and III represent the three canonical forms.

  • In these structures, the position of nuclei are same.
  • All the three forms have almost equal energy.
  • Same number of paired and impaired electrons, they differ only in their position.

Solution 2

According to experimental findings, all carbon to oxygen bonds in  `CO_3^(2-)` are equivalent. Hence, it is inadequate to represent  `CO_3^(2-)ion by a single Lewis structure having two single bonds and one double bond.

Therefore, carbonate ion is described as a resonance hybrid of the following structures

Concept: Bond Parameters - Resonance Structures
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NCERT Class 11 Chemistry
Chapter 4 Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
Q 11 | Page 130

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