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Explain How, the Total Energy a Swinging Pendulum at Any Instant of Time Remains Conserved. Illustrate Your Answer with the Help of a Labelled Diagram. - Science

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Explain how, the total energy a swinging pendulum at any instant of time remains conserved. Illustrate your answer with the help of a labelled diagram.

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A swinging simple pendulum is a simple illustration of conservation of energy. It shows the transformation of potential energy into kinetic energy, and of kinetic energy back into potential energy.

Initially, the bob of a simple pendulum is at mean position B. When the bob is pulled to one side at A, and then released, the bob starts swinging. At the extreme positions A and C, all the energy is in the form of potential energy, and at the mean position B, all the energy is kinetic energy. At all other intermediate position, energy of the pendulum is partly potential and partly kinetic. But total energy of the simple pendulum remains conserved.

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Lakhmir Singh Science Class 9 Physics
Chapter 4 Work and energy
Long Answers | Q 32.2 | Page 163
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