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Explain How Techniques of Disaster Management Are Implemented in the Events of Earthquake. - Environmental Studies

Answer in Brief

Explain how techniques of disaster management are implemented in the events of earthquake.

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Earthquake disaster management:

  • All new building structures must be engineered structures to withstand ground shaking.
  •  Architectural and engineering inputs must be put together to improve building design and construction practice and do not build structures on soft soil.
  •  Building codes and standards including land use control and restriction on density and heights of buildings must be enforced.
  •  Retrofitting and strengthening of all lifeline buildings like hospitals must be done as they need to be functional after a disaster.
  • Upgrading safety levels of all hospitals, fire service buildings and multi-storeyed building as per National Building code.
  •  Raising public awareness of the risks posed by earthquakes and the possible measures to manage these risks.
  • Training NGOs, engineers, local builders, social and community leaders presently working in earthquake prone areas on preparedness and mitigation.
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