Explain How the Embryo Gets Nourishment Inside the Mother’S Body. - Science

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Explain how the embryo gets nourishment inside the mother’s body.

State, in brief, how an embryo gets its nourishment inside the mother's body.

Explain how the developing embryo gets nourishment inside the mother's body.

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Solution 1

After implantation, a disc-like special tissue called placenta develops between the uterus wall and the embryo. The placenta helps in the exchange of nutrients, oxygen and waste products between the embryo and the mother. Thus, it provides nourishment to the growing embryo.

Solution 2

The embryo develops inside the mother’s body for about nine months. Inside the uterus, the outer tissue surrounding the embryo develops finger-like projections called villi. These villi are surrounded by uterine tissue and maternal blood. They provide a large surface area for the exchange of oxygen and nutrients. There is a special tissue called placenta embedded in the uterine wall. The embryo receives the oxygen and nutrients from the mother’s blood via the placenta. The waste material produced by the embryo is removed through the placenta.

Concept: Human Reproductive System
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Chapter 8: How do Organisms Reproduce? - Intext Questions [Page 140]

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