Explain the Following in Term Oxidation of Gain Or Loss of Oxygen with Two Example. - Science


 Explain the following in term Oxidation of gain or loss of oxygen with two example.


Solution 1

Oxidation Reaction: It is a chemical reaction in which gain of oxygen or loss of hydrogen takes place.

 1) 2Mg (s)+O2(g)` "Heat"/`>2MgO(s)

Here, Magnesium is oxidised to become Magnesium Oxide.


 Here, Copper is oxidised to become Copper Oxide

Solution 2

In a chemical reaction, when the oxygen is added to the element to form its respective oxide it is the element being oxidised. Example:

4Na(s)+O2(g)2Na2O(s) H2S+O2H2O+SO2



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Corrosion can be prevented by using ……………. solution.

The chemical formula for rust is.............. .

What is an oxidising agent?

Define corrosion.

What is meant by rust?

Write the chemical formula of rust.

What are anti-oxidants? Why are they added to fat and oil containing foods?

In the following reaction between lead sulphide and hydrogen peroxide:

PbS (s) + 4H2O2(aq) → PbSO4(s) + 4H2O(1)

(a) which substance is reduced?
(b) Which substance is oxidised?


Is oxidation an exothermic or an endothermic reaction?

Give one example of an oxidation-reduction reaction which is also a combination reaction.

Define reduction in terms of gain or loss of hydrogen with one example.

Fill in the blank

In redox reaction oxidation and reduction occur ............................

Indicate which of the following statement is true and which is false:

The removal of hydrogen from a substance is called reduction.

Define reduction.

Define redox reaction.


The process of adding oxygen to a substance is called

  1. oxidation.
  2. reduction.
  3. displacement.
  4. hydrogenation.

Give scientific reason.

It is reccommended to use air tight container for storing oil for long time.

Identify from the reaction the reactants that undergo oxidation and reduction.
Fe + S → FeS

Identify from the following reaction the reactants that undergo oxidation and reduction.

2Ag2O → 4 Ag + O2 ↑

Identify from the reaction the reactants that undergo oxidation and reduction.

2Mg + O2 → 2MgO

Identify from the reaction the reactants that undergo oxidation and reduction.

\[\ce{NiO + H2 -> Ni + H2O}\]

In what respect does hydrogen differ from:

alkali metals

Why this reaction is considered a reversible reaction?

Why zinc and aluminium are considered to have a unique nature. Give balanced equations to support your answer.

Describe briefly the ionic concept of oxidation and reduction. Give an equation to illustrate.

Is it essential that oxidation and reduction must occur side by side in a chemical reaction? Explain

State, giving reason, whether the substances printed in bold letters have been oxidized or reduced.

Mg + 2HCl → MgCl2 + H2

Divide the following reactions into oxidation and reduction half-reaction:

Zn + Cu2+ → Cu + Zn 2+

Write the equation in the ionic form

CuSO4(aq)  + Fe(s)→ FeSO4(aq) + Cu(s)



Which of the following statements about hydrogen is incorrect?

Complete and balance the following equation:

Zn +_________________→ZnCl2 + H2 

Complete and balance the following equation:

\[\ce{K + H2O -> }\]________+ ________

Complete and balance the following equation:

Fe + H2O →___________+____________

Distinguish between oxidation and reduction.

Define Oxidation reaction.

State a reason why, when hydrogen is passed over heated copper oxide, the resultant product formed, differs in colour from the original reactant.

With reference to oxidation & reduction reaction – complete the statement given by filling in the blanks with only the words (a) Addition (b) Removal.

‘Oxidation is a chemical reaction involving ____ of oxygen to a substance or ____ of hydrogen from a substance. Reduction on the otherhand involves ____ of hydrogen to a substance or ____ of oxygen from a substance.

State what is reducing agent. Give an example of oxidising agent in the gaseous, liquid, and solid form.

When the positive charge on an ion increases or the negative charge on them decreases it is called as _______.

Write chemical formula for rust.

Explain the following reaction with their balanced chemical equation.

Hydrogen sulphide reacts with sulphur dioxide.

Balance the given chemical reaction as per the instructions below.

\[\ce{NaOH + H2SO4 -> Na2SO4 + H2O}\]

Oxidation means losing electrons then what is reduction?

Oxidising agents are also called as ______ because they remove electrons form other substances.

Identify the oxidising agent (oxidant) in the following reactions

`"V"_2"O"_5 + 5"Ca" -> 2"V" + 5"CaO"`

Identify the oxidising agent (oxidant) in the following reactions

`3"Fe" + 4"H"_2"O" -> "Fe"_3"O"_4 + 4"H"_2`

Which among the following are physical or chemical change?

Heating of an iron rod to red hot

What is a redox reaction?

Oxidizing agents are otherwise called ______.

The tarnishing of metals is due to the formation of ______.

Choose the odd one out and write the reason:

Identify the following reactions as oxidation/reduction/redox reaction

Zn + CuSO4 → Cu + ZnSO4

Identify the following reactions as oxidation/reduction/redox reaction

2Mg +O2 → 2MgO

What are redox reactions? Give examples.

What is rancidity?

Define oxidation number.

Find the oxidation number of the element in the following compound.

A1 in AlCl3

Identify the type of chemical reaction given below:

\[\ce{2Mg + O2 -> 2MgO}\]

When hydrogen gas is passed over black copper oxide, a reddish-coloured layer of copper is formed.

Answer the questions that follow based on this reaction.

  1. Write the equation.
  2. What type of reaction is it?
  3. Complete the blanks:
    In this reaction, an oxygen atom goes away from CuO (copper oxide), which means that ______ of copper oxide takes place, whereas a hydrogen molecule takes up an oxygen atom and water (H2O) is formed, meaning ______ of hydrogen takes place.

Answer the questions based on the equation below:

\[\ce{CH3 - CH2 - OH ->[{[O]}][K2Cr2O7/H2SO4] CH3 - COOH}\]

  1. What type of reaction is it?
  2. What is the role of the chemical written on the arrow?
  3. Give one example of one such type of chemical as in answer (b).

It is recommended to use air tight containers for storing oil for a long time.

A reddish brown metal used in electrical wires when powdered and heated strongly turns black. When hydrogen gas is passed over this black substance, it regains its original colour. Based on this information answer the following questions:

  1. Name the metal and the black substance formed.
  2. Write balanced chemical equations for the two reactions involved in the above information

Metals are good ______.

The oxidizing agent in the equation \[\ce{S + 2H2SO4 -> 3SO2 + 2H2O}\] is ______.

The metallic oxide which can be reduced by using common reducing agents is ______.


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