Explain the Following in Term Oxidation of Gain Or Loss of Oxygen with Two Example. - Science

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 Explain the following in term Oxidation of gain or loss of oxygen with two example.

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Solution 1

Oxidation Reaction: It is a chemical reaction in which gain of oxygen or loss of hydrogen takes place.

 1) 2Mg (s)+O2(g)` "Heat"/`>2MgO(s)

Here, Magnesium is oxidised to become Magnesium Oxide.


 Here, Copper is oxidised to become Copper Oxide

Solution 2

In a chemical reaction, when the oxygen is added to the element to form its respective oxide it is the element being oxidised. Example:

4Na(s)+O2(g)2Na2O(s) H2S+O2H2O+SO2



Concept: Oxidation, Reduction and Redox Reactions
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