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Explain the Following Techniques of Scientific Management: Time Study - Business Studies

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One Line Answer

Explain the following technique of scientific management:

Time study

What is determined by 'Time-Study'?

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Solution 1

Time Study: According to this technique, there must be a standard time limit for the completion of a task. With repeated observations with regard to the time taken in completing a task, a standard limit is set. This helps in deciding the number of employees which would be required in completing a task. For example, if one person can manufacture one unit of a commodity in two hours, then in a working day of 8 hours, each worker can manufacture 4 units of the commodity

Solution 2

Time Study - Time study emphasises setting a standard time limit for completing a particular job. The time taken for completing the job is measured for setting the standard time limit. This helps decide the number of workers to be employed for a particular task, determine their wages, etc.

Concept: Standardisation and Simplification of Work
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