Explain the Following Statement with Reason. Currently the Structure of Sports Economy Has Been Significantly Affected. - History and Political Science

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Explain the following statement with reason. 
Currently the structure of sports economy has been significantly affected.


Solution 1

1. The structure of the sports economy has been significantly affected due to the scattered sports fan all over the world. We can find fans of sports in every corner of the world today.

2. Growth and development of media have increased the number of people watching sports channels through various mediums such as T.V., internet, mobile phones and listening to the commentary of a sports event on the radio.

3. Sports channel earn money out of this huge fan following. The industrial and commercial industries look it as an opportunity to advertise their products and earn huge profits from it. Even the retired sportsmen have an opportunity to participate as commentators. Magazines related to sports are also being published and sold out.

Solution 2

  1. Globalization of several sports took place in the 20th and 21st centuries. The live telecasts of several International sports are shown. As a result, even though a particular country is not participating in the game, yet people of such countries still enjoy these matches.
  2. Also, the sportsmen watch matches to learn from them, while fans watch matches for entertainment.
  3. Retired sportsmen, by acting as commentators, get an opportunity to explain the nuances of the game to spectators during these matches.
  4. Moreover, industrial and commercial companies use these matches as a great opportunity to advertise their ware.

Due to all these reasons, the structure of the sports economy has been significantly affected.

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Chapter 1.7: Sports and History - Statement with reason

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