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Explain the Following Statement with Reason. Audio Visual Recordings Are Considered as the Most Trustworthy Source for the Study of Modern Indian History. - History and Civics

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Explain the following statement with reason.

Audio Visual Recordings are considered as the most trustworthy source for the study of Modern Indian History.



Audio literally means “hearing” and “visual” means that which is found by seeing and hearing. Audio Visual Aids are also called instructional material which makes the knowledge clear to us. They are considered as the most trustworthy for the following reasons:

• Make learning situations as real as possible

For example, in the case of studying the history of Indian freedom struggle, it becomes more real when the (available) video clips of freedom fighters are shown.

• Give us firsthand knowledge through the organs of hearing and seeing.

It is proven that we remember that we see or hear than what we read. Seeing and hearing are the basic steps of experiencing. Therefore history, which is the study of events and incidents, can be studied easily.

• To make the learning experience more concrete and effective

Seeing videos or listening to talks helps in more effective learning. The visual experience of Gandhiji ’s Dandi march or the documentary about the 1857 revolt is more concrete than mere classroom lectures.

• More realistic and dynamic

The way the learner experience the history of India becomes dynamic because of the enriched information and data which can be included in a single audio or video file.

Concept: Video, Audio and Audio-visual Sources
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