Explain the Following:- Natural Selection - Science


Explain the following:- Natural Selection



Natural Selection:- Natural selection is the process of evolution of a species whereby characteristics which help individual organisms to survive and reproduce are passed on to their offspring, and those characteristics which do not help are not passed on.

Charles Darwin proposed the theory of natural selection. According to him, nature selects the fittest.

There are always changes in the progeny when an animal reproduces by sexual reproduction. Example: If one of the progeny of deer is tall and the other is short, then the tall one with long legs will survive. Because the progeny with short height cannot reach the leaves of tall trees and cannot get food, they will starve and hence die. Thus, it proves the theory of natural selection.

Concept: Evolution
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2014-2015 (March) All India Set 1

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What are the different ways in which individuals with a particular trait may increase in a population?

What is meant by dominant genes and recessive genes? Give one example of each.

A black mouse mates with a brown mouse, and all the offsprings are black.
(a) Why are no brown offsprings produced?
(b) If two of the black offsprings mate with each other what kind of offspring would you           expect  and in what proportions? Give reason for your answer.


Match the terms given in column I with those given in column II :

                Column I Column II
(1) Fossil (a) A famous evolutionist
(2)  A theory of evolution (b) Survival of the fittest
(3)  Probable ancestor of birds (c) Petrified remains of prehistoric life
(4)  Charles Darwin (d) Father of genetics
(5) Gregor Mendel (e) Archaeopteryx


In what way are analogous organs evidence for evolution?

Scientists believe that all life originated in :
(a) the sea
(b) the soil
(c) the ground
(d) the air

According to scientists, aves have evolved from :
(a) mammals
(b) amphibians
(c) reptiles
(d) arthropods

Read the following statement and justify same in your own words with the help of suitable example.

Human evolution began approximately 7 crore years ago.

Read the following statements and justify same in your own words with the help of suitable examples.

Study of fossils is an important aspect of study of evolution.

Complete the statement by choosing correct options from below .

Evolution means -- -- -- --.

Write short notes based upon the information known to you.


 Explain the following :

(a) Speciation

(b) Natural Selection 

List two differences between acquired traits and inherited traits by giving an example of each.

Very short answer question.

Define Organic evolution.

Fill in the blank.
The first systematic explanation of the concept of evolution was given by _______________.

The sequence of gradual changes which takes place in the primitive organisms over millions of years in which new species are produced is known as ______ 

The chronological order of human evolution from early to recent stages is ______.

The first fossil of human form, discovered was ______.


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