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Explain the Following Concept. Art - History and Political Science

Answer in Brief

Explain the following concept. 

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Art is a beautiful creation which helps a person to express creativity, imagination, emotion, experience, knowledge, and wisdom. Drawing, painting, dancing, singing, sculpting, etc., are some of the examples of art. There are two major types of arts. They are:

1. Visual Arts

2. Performing Arts.

Visual Arts: Visual art is also called Drik Kala in Sanskrit. The art of painting and sculpting fall under visual arts.

(a) Painting can be done on any surface such as rock, wall, canvas, papers and even on earthen pots. The paintings at Ajanta in Maharashtra is the best example for painting.

(b) There are various styles in painting such as Folk style, Classical style, Miniature paintings in manuscripts and western style of painting.

(c) Sculpting is the art of carving idols, images and other things in different mediums such as rocks, clay or metal.

(d) Like painting, there are various styles in sculpting such as folk style and classical style.

(e) Iconography is the art of sculpting which involves making of the images of gods and goddesses.

Performing Arts: Performing art is called Lalit or Aangik kala in Sanskrit. Folk Art and Classical Art fall under this category.

(a) Folk Art is performed by the collective participation of the people of a locality and is existent from prehistoric times.

(b) It is in various forms such as folk songs, instrumental music, folk dance, and folk theatre. The style is region based. Koli dance, Tarapara dance, keertan, etc. are some of the examples of folk art.

(c) Classical Art is the one who is learned and practiced with a set of consistent rules.

(d) There are generally two major forms of classical Art- Classical dance and Classical music.

(e) In India, each state has its own form of classical dance like Bharatnatyam of Tamil Nadu, Lavani of Maharashtra, Odissi of Odisha, Kathak and Mohiniaatam of Kerala. The book Natyashastra written by Bharatmuni is believed to be the earliest one to form the basis of these form of dances.

(f) Indian classical music exists in two forms, the Hindustani and the Carnatic.

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Balbharati Social Science History and Civics 10th Standard SSC Maharashtra State Board
Chapter 1.4 History of Indian Arts
Exercise | Q 1 | Page 31
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