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Explain the Following Components of Gui : 1) Menu Bar 2) Title Bar 3) Scroll Bar - Computer Science 1

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Explain the following components of GUI :

1) Menu Bar

2) Title Bar

3) Scroll Bar


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1) Menu bar :

  • A menu bar appears normally at the top of a window under window title. It consists of
    different main menus, which can be used in the program.
  • The main menu consists of different submenus options.When one of these menu options is selected, a pull-down menu appears on the screen. A pull-down menu will have an action on the left side and keyboard combination on the right side

2) Title Bar :

  • It helps to identify each window separately and the program name is displayed in the title bar

3) Scroll Bar :

  • A scroll bar consists of a horizontal or vertical scroll area with a slider box and an arrow in
    a box at each end.
  • They allow the user to scroll window horizontally and vertically. They are generally used
    to look at information which is not currently visible on screen, by scrolling horizontally
    and vertically.
Concept: Operating System
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