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Explain the Following Briefly: - Chemistry

Short Note

Explain the following briefly:
Cl2 is a non polar molecule, while HCl is a polar molecule.

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Cl2 is a non polar molecule because the bond is between same atoms that is chlorine with zero electronegativity difference among them. So the shared electron pair is attracted equally by the two chlorine atoms hence there is no separation of charges in the bond formed so the chlorine molecule is non polar.
In case of HCl the bond is formed between two different atoms that is hydrogen and chlorine with enough electro negativity difference so that the shared electron pair is attracted towards more electronegative chlorine atom which acquires partial negative charge while the hydrogen atom acquires partial positive charge hence HCl is a polar molecule.

Concept: Covalent (Molecular) Bond
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Frank ICSE Class 10 Chemistry Part 2
Chapter 2 Chemical Bonding
Exercise | Q 3.4 | Page 43
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