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Explain with flowchart the following control structure : Selection Logic - Computer Science 1

Explain with flowchart the following control structure : Selection Logic

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Selection Logic:

1. This logic employs a number of conditions and these conditions select the module among several alternative modules.
These are the types of conditional structures:

2.Single Alternative:
If condition holds true then Module A is executed, otherwise Module A is skipped and control transfers to the next step of algorithm.
Form of the structure:
If condition, then:
[Module A]
[End of IF Structure]

3. Double Alternative
This structure has following form
IF condition, then:
      [Module A]
      [Module B]
[End of IF Structure]
if condition is true Module A is executed and if condition is false  Module B is executed.

Concept: Basic Data Structures (Stack, Queue, Dequeue)
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