Explain Five Types of 'Industrial Pollution.' - Social Science

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Explain five types of 'industrial pollution.'

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Industrial pollution creates environmental degradation in the following ways :
Air pollution:  Air pollution is caused mainly due to the release of the following materials in the atmosphere;

  1. Undesirable gases like sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide.
  2. Airborne particulate matter containing smoke, dust and spray mist.
  3. Toxic gases by burning fossil fuels in the industries.

Water pollution:

  1. Caused by organic and inorganic industrial wastes discharged into the rivers.
  2. Liquid wastes produced by chemical and textile industry, tanneries, petroleum refineries, electroplating industries, and metallic pesticides, etc.
  3. Solid wastes like fly ash, phospo-gypsum, and slags produced by iron and steel industries.  

Land pollution:
All the pollutants that cause water pollution, along with wastes from nuclear power plants are responsible for land pollution. Water and land pollution are closely related. All the liquid and solid effluent if not going into the rivers goes into the soil and degrade the land areas.

Noise pollution: All the unwanted sound caused due to industrial and construction activities, machinery, generators, and drilling activities creates irritants and are a source of stress. 

Industries pollute the environment in the following ways:

1. Industries emit harmful gases that pollute the air and water.
2. Generally, industries release gases like carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide which are dangerous to the ecosystem.
3. Industrial wastes are discharged into the rivers. They mainly contain contaminated products like plastics, rubber, coal, fertilizers, pesticides etc. These pollute the water level.
4. Industries and factories create unwanted noise or sound causing pollution. This may lead to hearing impairments.
5. Sometimes, industrial wastes are dumped into isolated areas. This pollutes the land and the soil in the nearby regions.

Concept: Concept for Industrial Pollution - Degradation of Environment
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