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Explain the Features of Management that Do Not Establish It as a Profession. - Business Studies

Explain the features of management that do not establish it as a profession.

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he features of management that do not establish it as a profession are as follows.

i.    Restriction to Entry- Management satisfies this criterion only to some extent. As against other professions such a doctor or a lawyer, no specific qualification or degree are required to be a manager. That is, any person holding any degree or qualification can be a manager. However, the entry is restricted as persons with professional management degree or diploma are preferred.
ii.    Professional Association- A professional has to be a member or should be associated with a statutory body which is responsible for stating the laws and authorities of that profession. For example, to be practice Chartered Accountancy, a person has to be a member of the Institute of Chartered Accounts of India. Similarly, management is also affiliated to a professional association that regulates the functions of the members. In India, the AIMA (All India Management Association) for its member managers. But, it is not requisite for managers to be a part of them.
 iii. Code of Conduct- Any professional has to abide the rules and regulations developed by the apex authority which regulates the functions of that profession. There is a set Code of Conduct which that profession has to follow for smooth functioning. In management also we have a specific Code of Conduct but, it is not obligatory for the managers to abide by them. Unlike profession where the members violating the rules are punished, no such penalizing is done in management if the managers do not obey the standards set by AIMA or AIPMA. However, alike other profession through management also the society is served. Through effective and efficient management of the organisation, quality products and services are provided at reasonable prices.

Concept: Management as Science, Art and Profession
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