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Explain the Events Upto Double Fertilisation After the Pollen Tube Enters One of the Synergids in an Ovule of an Angiosperm. - Biology

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Explain the events upto double fertilisation after the pollen tube enters one of the synergids in an ovule of an angiosperm.

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The events which occur during double fertilization are:

  • Two male gametes are released by the pollen tube into the cytoplasm of synergid.

  • One of these male gametes moves towards the egg cell and fuses with the nucleus. This process is called syngamy and results in the formation of a diploid cell, zygote,which eventually forms an embryo.

  • The other male gamete moves towards the polar nuclei located in the central cell and fuses with them to form a triploid primary endosperm nucleus (PEN). This process is called triple fusion.

  • Since two types of fusion, syngamy and triple fusion, take place here, the phenomenon is called double fertilisation. 

Concept: Flower - a Fascinating Organ of Angiosperms
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