Explain Ethernet Protocol used in Network - Computer Science 2

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Write a note on Ethernet.

Explain Ethernet Protocol used in Network

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(1) Ethernet is a local area network technology, with networks tradionally operation within single building.
(2) Atmost, Ethernet devices can have a few hundred meters of cable between them. Modern technology allows Ethernet to span upto 10 kms.
(3) Ethernet devices are connected to a common shared medium that provides the path along which the electronic signals will travel. Historically, this medium was co-axial cable. But, now-a-days twisted pair cable or fibre optic cable are also used.
(4) Ethernet network transmit data in small units called frames.
(5) Each frame must contain source address as well as destination address, which identifies receipant and sender of message. The address will uniquely indentify node. No two Ethernet devices can have same address.
(6) Ethernet network is as shown in following in figure.

In above figure when computer A sends message to computer C, computer B and D will alsoget the message and check whether the destinations address mathches to its own address or not, it not, it will discard the frame

Concept: Networking Technology
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