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Explain the Effect of Light and Temperature on Photosynthesis. - Biology (Theory)

Explain the effect of light and temperature on photosynthesis.

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Effect of light and temperature on photosynthesis:

Light intensity: In most plants, photosynthesis is maximum in the bright diffused light. It decreases in strong light as well as in light of low intensity.If the supply of CO2 is maintained constantly, the rate of photosynthesis increases with the increasing intensity o light till it reaches the maximum. Very high light intensities may bleach chlorophyll and retard photosynthesis.

Temperature: In the presence of plenty of light and carbon dioxide, photosynthesis increases with a rise in temperature till it becomes maximum. After that, there is a decrease in the rate due to inactivation of enzymes. The optimum temperature at which photosynthesis is maximum is 25°C - 30°C

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