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Explain in Detail Social Psychological Barrier. - Communication Skills

Answer in Brief

Explain in detail social psychological barrier.

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problem of understanding interpretation and response to communication also arise from both socially learn attributes and our personal attributes. These are called social psychological barriers. wild social logical barrier arise from the circumstances and environment in which an individual growth psychological barriers are related to the mind of an individual. Some example of socio psychological barriers are:

  • High or low self esteem
  • Halo effects and horns effect
  • Rigidity , closed mind
  • Emotions, lack of control over emotions
  • Impatience, anger , nervousness
  • Disburst, fear, threat
  • Status barrier
  • Tendency to stereotype
  • Jumping to conclusions
  • Prejudice
  • Loss of retention
  • Inattentive listening
  • Generation gap
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